Aug 6, 2014

Flowery details

Am not even sure where to start. I have been the most unpredictable human being for the past month. My hormones are on a relay race, it`s sick! Anyways, I said I will try and blog as much as possible but I get carried away enjoying summer instead. Summer here has been so bright and literally the best. Scandinavia is not known for anything near "hot weather", so it`s quite amazing how warm this summer turned out to be. 

I updated my wardrobe a little bit and I ditched my black and white tops for more colorful ones. It`s summer so why not take the advantage and look "summery".

Alright, I hope you guys are having a good summer and I´ll see you in my next post.

Outfit details:
Top: BikBok
Trousers: BikBok
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Zara
Bag: Missäy
Earrings: Glitter

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Jul 19, 2014

My natural hair care routine

Hello guys!
Hey loves, I just thought of sharing with you guys my hair care routine. Taking care of my hair is a big pain in the ass for me, so am just trying to manage it. I wash my hair once a week but I make sure I moisturize it daily. I always moisturize it with this tresemme conditioner, and my sheer butter which is not in this picture. So here is a typical step I take for a wash hair day for me.
1) I start off by washing my hair with either of these conditioners, and seriously I actually have started to despise this ProSeries conditioner. So I stick with the Tresemme conditioner which is so awesome. Makes my hair baby soft. I rarely use shampoo, so after using the cnonditioner to wash my hair I also use it to condition my hair. I let it stay 30 mins.
2) Afterwards I rinse off the conditioner and moisturize my hair with this moisturizing lotion and olive oil. This helps to restore back oil to my after washing. And for daily use, I use sheer butter.
5) And for those edges baby, I use this awesome edge controller. This baby right here is da bomb. It works so well and I loove it. It lays my edges like there`s no tomorrow.
So yeah those are the basic steps I take on a wash day. I hate doing so much to my hair so that`s why these steps are limited to as minimal as possible. That`s basically all I do to my hair. And of course, I put my hair in a protective style  like braids so as to prevent excessive shedding due to over combing and stuffs like that.
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Jul 8, 2014

Date Night- Little black dress/ golden blazer

Hello guys! 
Someone called me yesterday and was wondering what`s up with my blog and I replied saying- "honestly, I don`t know".
Yeah I am trying my best to get new posts up as fast as I can. My goodies are not here with me (clothes and stuffs) so I don`t really get dressed here in Gothenburg where am spending my summer. Got some new pieces though, might do a haul video soon but I don`t kow yet.

Now to this beauty over here, yeah been wearing darker clothes which is so unlike me. I am for bright colors like white, sky blue and so on. But for some reasons, I am been magnetized to colors like black, brown nowadays. This is a simple black dress that I got from BikBok last month I guess. This dress is as simple as it can get, so to make it pop a little bit, am accessorizing it with the necklace I got as a present. It`s from GinaTricot and the earrings are my sis. Finally the shoes are from H&M. The golden blazer is the highlight of the outfit and it`s actually from a little store here. I will link it here when I get more info about the store.

I rarely go out for dinner but this outfit was perfect when I had to. This would do for lunch with friends, date night or even to church. 
Alright I hope you guys like this post and I`ll see ya later.

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Jul 5, 2014

Ankara wrapper tied/ Oleku- Glowing fabric

Hello everyone, it`s been ages I know. Sorry guys, I don`t even know where to start. I have been really
busy with stuffs e.g work, church and resulting into me being lazy to put up some post. The main reason of my sluggishness is actually because of my laptop. It crashed and I had to pay a whole sum to get it fix. I have literally given up on computers, they all seem to break down soon or later, gosh!

Anyways, I decided to share with you guys this gorgeous outfit that i wore last sunday to church. Thank God for church, the only time you get to actually dress as glamorous as you want. Yeah, this is originally my mum`s (again), yeah she's got a lot of stuffs. So since am at my parents house for the summer, my mum`s clothes seems to be of more interest to me than mine.

If you notice in the picture that the wrapper tied at the lower part of my body appears differently in the pictures below. That`s because it`s basically a piece of fabric that you can tie and style the way
  you want. I tried different styles and I like them all especially the shorter styles. The fabric used is called Ankara in Nigeria and it is a very easy type of fabric to work with.

Some side of the ankara appears dull and some parts are very vibrant and shinning. It`s the fabric that`s doing all of that. I love love ankara and I might just start wearing more of this. 
I hope you grabbed one or two from this post and don`t forget to comment below if you have anything in mind.
I hope ya likey. 
See you in my next post.
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Jun 15, 2014

Pinky Me- Mama`s wardrobe

Hello lovelies, how`s your sunday going so far? Mine has been great and I am enjoying every moment of me being free from all the marathon overnight studying. It feels so good that uni is finally over and now I can focus on other stuffs like bloging, catch up with my friends and just have fun.
Summer is just that time in the year when everyone seems happy and you can even hear that the birds chirping sounds even more lovely than ever. And to me it gives me more joy having to take pictures around these beautiful nature around me and the beauty it radiates is exceptionally amazing. 

So in this picture, I am having one of my mum`s dress that´s been hiding in her wardrobe for ages. I just had to take that beauty out and do it some justice. Initially I planned on styling the outfit with this hat from H&M but I quickly change my mind when after just 10 minutes of putting it on, I was all sweaty and stuff.
So yeah, I hope you likey. Don`t forget to leave your feedback down below and have a lovely´weekend.

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May 27, 2014

Pre-summer lookbook

Hello guys, tuesday is soon over and weekend is drawing near (not really). Hope your week is going well so far? I am just enjoying my laziness this week because next week is gonna be quite intensive (exam period) and it`s the last exam before summer break. In one week, I am done one year in uni, feels so good. Thank God and my darling class mates that made all those intensive courses in school easy to bare by being just amazing people.
All right so this post is to show you guys my pre summer lookbook. These outfits are easily worn but still have a little bit of edginess to them. I actually uploaded this video last week and I just thought of sharing it on the blog :) I really hope you guys like it and thumbs up for the video in that case. Don`t forget to subscribe.
And I have got a new instagram by the way.
Follow me @i_am_maggiepegg
Facebook: MaggieWumiPeggBlog
See you in my next post.

Thank you!
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