Nov 17, 2014

Thrifted blazer- Out of the woods

Hey guys, happy monday. It`s the beginning of a new week and for me it's starting off really lazy. Am just home trying to do some blogging and watch all my favorite nigerian movies. Well reason being because I got no lectures today, so I am just home chilling. 
Anyone noticed a change of hair? yeah I am addicted to doing protective hair styles instead of wearing my natural hair out in this horrible cold. I don't actually like this hair I am having right now, it looks weird. I would actually prefer my own hair but I can't risk frozen head. Anyways, I am thinking of ordering some hair extensions from Aliexpress but am still a little sceptical. If anyone knows any good hair vendor on aliexpress, please leave a comment below.

Okay so I'm wearing a jacket my bestie got for me as a gift. I really like this jacket, it takes the cold and it's really something I would want to but won't . And I'm wearing this skirt and flowery top I got during summer from BikBok. They were both on sales and I didn't even hesitate before I bought it. Also my old Louis Vuitton bag that's been hiding in one corner of my wardrobe makes the look complete.

We dare not forget this beautiful golden blazer that was actually thrifted. This was an amazing bargain, and really when you go thriftshopping you find things you would normally not find at the mainstream shops and at great prices. So why not thriftshop? Well for me, I could have worn anything crappy but with this blazer being part of the outfit, everything is saved.

Outfit details

Top: BikBok
skirt: BikBok
shoes: DinSkor
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Jacket: Thrifted

Alright guys, have an amazing week ahead and make the week as productive as possible. 
Be good!
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Nov 9, 2014

Green sweater styled

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing good? Well I am fully aware I have been gone for two weeks now but here I am again. Things are not really going according to my plans and my attempts in putting things to place is failing. But it'll all be fine and a girl needs to stay happy and fabulous, isn't it?

Oct 20, 2014

Black dress and red lips- Exquisite!

Hey loves, how's everyone doing? Well this past week's been awesome and I just can't thank God enough for the blessings he keeps showering on me. It's amazing how beautiful things comes in the middle of what seems like disaster. I can't thank God enough for the amazing school collegues that's helped me

Oct 6, 2014

New hair- Braids, intense week.

Hey Loves :) This past week was cray, I got some influensa virus and the fever that bestowed on me was out of this world (like literally). I got sick on monday evening so I couldn't work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I could have the written the rest ofthe week instead, right? But no I just wanted to write that out so you know exactly

Sep 23, 2014

Autumn fever

Hey guys, How`s the week going so far? My week is not going well I must say. It has been so stressful that headache has even turned the norm of the day. Incase you've missed a post, well I am doing my practical training here in Gothenburg. It`s been quite amazing to meet these patients and work on them but at the same time very very stressful. There is limited time and you are constantly chasing time. I work 8 hours and I start as early as 7, so I am mostly very exhausted. It's crazy but yeah that's the gist.

Sep 16, 2014

Jumpsuit- For busy intense sundays

Caption this!
Hey guys, am sorry I couldn`t post on sunday as it's supposed to be. I went to Gothenburg on Sunday for Church and came back the same day. It was my friend`s birthday that same day and I had to go over to his place immediately I arrived back in Jönköping and celebrate with him that same day and it was very late like around 12:00 midnight before I got back home. So ya all see I had my hands tied.